Case study: a corporation

We were managing the defined contribution plan for a private corporation in the Midwest. The top executives of the company called us in to inform us they were going to start their own firm via a leveraged buyout and they wanted us to manage the new company’s retirement plans.

We created retirement plans for their salaried and hourly employees, set up a master trust relationship with a custodian to consolidate both for investment purposes, and handled the investment policy, asset allocation, manager search and selection, and performance measurement. We also handled the same duties for their self-insurance fund.

Our client had ambitious expansion goals, and as they acquired multiple companies, we again helped with establishing defined benefit and defined contribution plans for each.

As they expanded further into foreign markets, we helped them orchestrate a defined benefit plan first in Europe and then in the Southern Hemisphere, once again establishing policy, allocation, manager search and selection and ongoing performance.

When the company went public, we helped their employees participate in the stock offering. The company executives, having seen their own assets significantly grow, thought of it as an opportune time for us to apply our capabilities and insight to managing their personal investment accounts.

Over a period of more than 20 years, this $10 million company grew to more than $1 billion in total assets. As the client experienced impressive growth, it’s fair to say they never outgrew the capabilities of the Atlanta Consulting Group.

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