Insightful strategies for endowments/foundations

The endowments and foundations we serve range in size from $3 million to as much as $300 million and include university and college endowments, healthcare corporations, religious institutions, and private family foundations.

Managing the investments of the organization and also meeting the expectations of its donors are challenges faced by fiduciaries responsible for effectively managing endowments and foundations. Funds must be invested with an eye toward upholding the organizations’ mandates for future generations, as well.

Spending policy analysis is particularly important in the endowment and foundation arena. Our focus is helping our clients generate enough money each year to meet their grants and distribution requirements, while still building the corpus of the portfolio with a long-term sustainability of the foundation – without incurring too much risk.

While clients need exposure to equities to meet their market return expectations, we attempt to mediate the risk profile by making prudent use of alternative asset classes.

We serve as an extension of the organization’s finance office and work closely with its officers and investment committees, handling operational logistics, planning for its annual spending withdrawal, working with its bank on portfolio rebalancing, and even taking on tasks as simple as drafting a direction letter for the officers and investment committees to send to the custodian.

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Our core consulting services

To design, implement and monitor your investment program, the Atlanta Consulting Group employs these core consulting services:

▪ Investment Policy Review/Development
▪ Asset Allocation Modeling
▪ Investment Manager Research/Oversight
▪ Performance Measurement/Evaluation

Additional services offered include:

▪ Investment Research
▪ Cost Analysis and Fee Negotiation
▪ Committee/Trustee Education
▪ Custodian Search Assistance