Strategic insight for family offices

The Atlanta Consulting Group assists family offices in the formation and implementation of investment strategies designed to meet their unique and specialized needs.

We integrate investment strategy with family governance – incorporating their vision, mission and values. We also coordinate with our clients’ other trusted legal and tax advisors to help ensure the work we assist them with is integrated into their overall strategic goals.

Many of the family offices we serve have come from corporate clients in privately held companies who have been pleased with the consulting work we did on their defined contribution and defined benefit plans. Their families are wealthy, and they want to know how we can provide an equally high level of guidance for their personal and family assets.

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Our core consulting services

To design, implement and monitor your investment program, the Atlanta Consulting Group employs these core consulting services:

▪ Investment Policy Review/Development
▪ Asset Allocation Modeling
▪ Investment Manager Research/Oversight
▪ Performance Measurement/Evaluation

Additional services offered include:

▪ Investment Research
▪ Cost Analysis and Fee Negotiation
▪ Committee/Trustee Education
▪ Custodian Search Assistance