Investment strategies for healthcare organizations

The Atlanta Consulting Group helps healthcare organizations manage their investment portfolios in a risk-appropriate manner that is aligned with their capital structure, operating expectations and mission.

Our goal is to help maintain balance sheet strength, fund capital investment needs and support operating budgets. We recognize the importance of flexibility as spending needs shift and it becomes necessary to maintain reserves for either revenue shortfalls or unexpected costs.

Furthermore, in today’s environment where healthcare reimbursements have become more challenging, it is increasingly important for hospitals to generate returns on their investment portfolios.

Most healthcare organizations are concerned about risk-adjusted returns in addition to absolute rates of return. Often, they can’t afford to take excessive risks, as it can impair their ability to borrow money in the capital markets. However, they need to balance their risk aversion with their need to generate healthy returns in order to run their operations.

We strive to help make their organizations as profitable as they need to be. Our goal is providing a platform of stable and consistent returns, by creating an investment portfolio designed to meet their objectives, while simultaneously being vigilant about mitigating risk. We are fully mindful that the loss of principal can have highly negative consequences.

Healthcare organizations have multiple portfolios with different objectives and allocations – which could include a defined benefit program, funded depreciation account, self-insurance portfolio, liquid assets, or participant-directed accounts such as a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plans.

We serve as their single provider to coordinate all those funds under one investment umbrella. We offer considerable expertise in the asset types healthcare organizations hold, and in developing and implementing an investment program for addressing the different objectives and allocations of each.

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Our core consulting services

To design, implement and monitor your investment program, the Atlanta Consulting Group employs these core consulting services:

▪ Investment Policy Review/Development
▪ Asset Allocation Modeling
▪ Investment Manager Research/Oversight
▪ Performance Measurement/Evaluation

Additional services offered include:

▪ Investment Research
▪ Asset/Liability Modeling
▪ Cost Analysis and Fee Negotiation
▪ Participant Plan Services
▪ Committee/Trustee Education
▪ Custodian Search Assistance
▪ Socially Responsible Investing Strategies

Defined contribution plan services:

▪ Retirement Plan Evaluation/Search
▪ Development/Review of Investment Policy Statement
▪ Investment Due Diligence
▪ Performance Measurement and Reporting
▪ Fiduciary Services (including benchmarking, etc.)
▪ Fee Analysis