Insightful guidance for municipalities

Helping the retirement plans of municipal workers remain solvent and well-funded in the face of turbulent economic times is a challenging task, but an important one at that. It calls for nothing less than investment guidance that is well-grounded in sound strategy, effective implementation and vigilant monitoring.

At the Atlanta Consulting Group, we provide the high-level investment guidance that city, county and state municipalities need for their defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. We work closely with administrators and union officials, help them meet their fiduciary responsibilities and adhere to industry best practices. Transparency is key and avoiding any conflict of interest is essential, so we take measures to ensure that our actions are not unduly influenced.

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Our core consulting services

To design, implement and monitor your investment program, the Atlanta Consulting Group employs these core consulting services:

▪ Investment Policy Review/Development
▪ Asset Allocation Modeling
▪ Investment Manager Research/Oversight
▪ Performance Measurement/Evaluation

Additional services offered include:

▪ Investment Research
▪ Asset/Liability Modeling
▪ Cost Analysis and Fee Negotiation
▪ Participant Plan Services
▪ Committee/Trustee Education
▪ Custodian Search Assistance
▪ Socially Responsible Investing Strategies

Defined contribution plan services:

▪ Retirement Plan Evaluation/Search
▪ Development/Review of Investment Policy Statement
▪ Investment Due Diligence
▪ Performance Measurement and Reporting
▪ Fiduciary Services (including benchmarking, etc.)
▪ Fee Analysis