Our strategic thinking and investment style

Using the Investment Policy Statement as the foundation for how an investment program is expected to operate, we apply high-level, strategic thinking to defining clear risk and return objectives, performance evaluation standards, and any portfolio constraints that must be considered.

We make pragmatic recommendations based on today’s market. Quantitative analysis only goes so far – qualitative reasoning and rationale are essential.” – Roderick Hennek, the Atlanta Consulting Group

We believe in active management and favor managers who demonstrate the ability to be opportunistic. We seek out those with the talent and track record for recognizing and acting upon opportunities due to ongoing market inefficiencies and changing macro-conditions in the U.S. and around the globe.

This is why quality manager research is essential and an area in which we are so dutifully focused. We evaluate not only the people, but their philosophy, process and performance. We participate in hundreds of manager meetings and conference calls every year and review many respected sources of quantitative screening and analysis.

We also integrate passive management in our investment approach for its ability to reduce benchmark risk and serve as an efficient, cost-effective method to attain exposure to specific asset classes. Lastly, we believe in disciplined rebalancing to help ensure that your asset allocation remains aligned with your objectives over time.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against losses.

Our investment philosophy

▪ We are long-term strategic thinkers
▪ We believe in active management
▪ We integrate passive management