A timeline of our core consulting services

We employ an established and well-structured process that enables us to customize a comprehensive investment plan tailored to your specific needs, goals and situation. This process delineates how we use our core consulting services to design, implement and monitor your investment program.

Step 1 // Investment policy review/development

We begin with the formulation of an Investment Policy Statement – or IPS – as it serves as the cornerstone of a successful investment program. We devote the time necessary to help ensure that each client’s IPS is appropriate for their needs and mission, and monitor it on a continual basis to make sure it remains aligned with their objectives.

Step 2 // Asset allocation modeling

Our consulting team designs a long-term strategic allocation to fit each client’s investment profile based on their needs and goals. We work with each client on structuring the portfolio and identifying strategies within asset classes that strive to provide above-benchmark returns within an acceptable level of risk.

Step 3 // Investment manager research and oversight

Once the proper asset allocation has been determined, we initiate a thorough investment manager research process. We conduct due diligence on existing managers and identify new candidates for each asset class and style of the portfolio. We present our finding to the client and help them arrive at a decision, and also help negotiate fees, when appropriate.

Step 4 // Performance measurement and evaluation

We monitor and measure investment performance on a quarterly basis and present the results to the client, addressing any questions they may have. It provides them with a tool for evaluating how their investment program is performing over time and can assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility.

There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss.