Specialized guidance for religious institutions

The religious institutions we serve have important and admirable missions. For some, it’s providing healthcare to the homeless. For others, it may be building schools in third-world countries. While each religious institution is unique and must be treated as such, what they have in common is the need to prudently manage their investments, cash flow and liabilities so they have the funds to meet their needs and objectives.

Religious institutions also share several unique issues that distinguish them from other types of clients we serve. We recognize that they may be socially responsible investors, and that the funds and managers in their portfolio must align with their doctrine and beliefs. We help develop guidelines for socially responsible investing, implement them into the investment programs, and then monitor them to ensure compliance.

We work with many socially responsible investors and have built a knowledge base on which investments and managers meet their criteria, which can vary from one organization to the next. We share this information and use it to help customize an investment program for each client.

As an investment consulting firm that specializes in understanding and addressing the issues and needs of religious organizations, we are not only well-versed in helping them, but passionate about doing so.

Our experience serving religious organizations dates back several decades to our founding in 1985. We maintain an involvement with orgainizations and sponsorships in organizations important to our religious institution clients, including the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and The Resource Center for Religious Institutes.

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Our core consulting services

To design, implement and monitor your investment program, the Atlanta Consulting Group employs these core consulting services:

▪ Investment Policy Review/Development
▪ Asset Allocation Modeling
▪ Investment Manager Research/Oversight
▪ Performance Measurement/Evaluation

Additional services offered include:

▪ Investment Research
▪ Cost Analysis and Fee Negotiation
▪ Committee/Trustee Education
▪ Custodian Search Assistance