A higher degree of investment insight

The experienced and collaborative team at the Atlanta Consulting Group comprises more than 19 full-time financial professionals. Our consultants average more than 25 years of industry experience and the majority have worked together for over 10 years.

The organizational structure of the Atlanta Consulting Group was created to eliminate the silo mentality. Here, decisions are made across silos to help facilitate coordinated decision-making and the efficient flow of information. Our senior-level executives and consultants are fully engaged with our clients and staff. Our analysts and consultants collaborate to dissect information and dig deeper for further investment insight.

We deliberately limit the number of client relationships assigned to each consultant to help ensure the highest level of exceptional, individualized service. We also engage multiple team members on each account so that the relationship isn’t solely dependent on a single person – an approach that fosters teamwork and ready access to our staff and resources.

Having our entire team centralized in one office headquarters creates a dynamic atmosphere conducive to the sharing of information and expertise, and creates the flexibility to adapt proactively to changing market conditions and client objectives. In fact, we work so closely with each client that we often view ourselves as a member of their board or an extension of their investment committee – serving as a truly indispensable financial partner.